Sunday Service Information


Christ Church Services and the Lifting of Covid Restrictions

Due to the government’s lifting of Covid restrictions, the way we hold services at Christ Church has changed. We want to be able to reflect the relaxation of rules, but want to keep you safe too. Whilst our measures below are not mandatory in law, we are keeping some in place to protect each other.

Here’s what you need to know:

There are two Sunday services, 9am and 11am.

Booking seats is no longer necessary.

We recommend face coverings to be worn upon entering the building, but may be removed whilst seated.

Sanitizing of hands is still necessary upon entering the building.

Entry to the building is via the front door, although there will no longer be a one-way system inside.

Singing during services is allowed.

Seating: There will be rows of seating of varying lengths, but also seats that are distanced from others. There will be the option to ‘reserve’ the seat next to you, using cards available, so as to keep that space free.

There will also be an area for those who feel it necessary to maintain the use of a mask at all times.

Ventilation – there will be plenty of airflow and the ventilation system will be on.

Chairs and touch points will be sanitized between services.

The building will be open 20 minutes before each service.